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Home for Christmas

Hello! It seems like there is a housing crisis everywhere right now. Nova Scotia being no exception. It hurts my heart to see how many folks in my community are without stable housing. Plenty of these people are working full-time hours and are still priced out of a place to live. This issue hits close to home, as I would be unable to afford anything available in this housing market. I'm very fortunate to have a place that fits into my budget, but if I had to move for any reason... I'd have to rely on friends and family, there are no affordable options on the market at all.

In thinking about what I might be able to do to have a positive impact, the one idea that stuck was to make art about it. I've created a

that I will be offering for sale, with 1/2 the price being donated to a local Support and Outreach group serving the local unhoused population.

I've enjoyed making this work, and I hope that the paintings and the message resonate with some folks out there in the world.

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